UPS Network Management Card 2 with Environmental Monitoring (AP9631)


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UPS Network Management Card 2 with Environmental Monitoring
Remote monitoring and control of an individual UPS by connecting it directly to the network.

UPS Network Management Cards Features & Benefits
Scheduling: Customize shut down and reboot of connected equipment and UPSs.
Enterprise management system compatible: Make device information available to your preferred enterprise management system by forwarding SNMP traps (events) across SNMPv1 and SNMPv3 using the PowerNet MIB
Notification: Be notified of problems to ensure crucial situations are dealt with in a timely manner.
Integrates with StruxureWare Data Center Expert: An IT-ready, scalable access monitoring system that collects, organizes, and distributes critical alerts, surveillance video and key information, providing a unified view of complex physical infrastructure environments from anywhere on the network
Event logging: Pinpoint the timing and sequence of events leading up to an incident with the event log.
Data logging: Identify problematic trends before they escalate or export the data log for analysis.

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